RFID Application

RFID can be used in many different ways to create value. Here are the most common ways businesses are using RFID today.

- By Bob Violino at rfidjournal.com

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RFID Asset Tracking

Assets in most all shapes and sizes can be tracked with RFID. Below are a few industries currently using RFID systems to successfully track valuable assets of all types, such as pallets, tools, and weapons.

RFID Inventory Management

RFID technology provides an interesting option to complement data collection and product identification in the supply chain management and warehouse operation.

Document Management

Using RFID for file management is one of the best ways to ensure your files can be located easily among a sea of other files. Not only can it reduce employee time (and stress), it can potentially save your company money.

RFID Vehicle Identification

Three of the most popular reasons to use RFID with vehicles are access control, vehicle identification, and vehicle tracking.

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